Aloof Researcher's Memoria

Aloof Researcher's Memoria

Special Magic Stone

Aloof Researcher's Memoria Discussion

charlie_shung_fu on Machina, the Machine Lord [New Frontiers]

2 years ago

Hello kengiczar,

Thanks for your interest.

I think that the second Machina (Memoria of the Seven Lands) ruler was a realy good option. The problem it's for the stones (memoria). If i play this ruler on my sideboard i have to use the memoria : Aloof Researcher's Memoria and the color of the mana of this memoria is blue. That realy not easy to play this memoria if i want change my tech before the side (too slow if i dont draw my green stone on the firsts turns). But why not if i want change for an another tech before side it's a realy good option. thx ;-)

I try to play a low budget version of this deck. It's a problem if i want playing the Magic Stone of Gusting Skies. But if i have the possibility to buy or trade this memoria why not.

Thx for all and see you later ;-)