Black Goat

Black Goat

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ExiledTroll on Tea Time!

3 years ago

i'm very new to FoW in basically every way

but if you're gonna have red in it i wouldnt put any Water Magic Stones, seeing as there is no down side to using Magic Stone of Hearth's Core over Water Magic Stone

Moojdart, the Fantasy Stone can also help with the fairy tale department (also if you have/want any anti- cards)

and if i had to recommend some red cards for you i would say Black Goat, Calamity Jane, and Demonflame are all nice low drop, odd cost, cards (Ame-no-Habakiri and Calamity Jane is a nice combo tho, esspecially if you add in Milest, the Ghostly Flame Stone ... but Ame-no-Habakiri is a 2 drop ...)