Charlotte's Water Transformation Magic

Charlotte's Water Transformation Magic

Spell : Chant

  • "Take that! Turn into a bear!" Charlotte, Determined Girl *

Charlotte's Water Transformation Magic Discussion

Nexto315 on Kaguya Lockdown

1 year ago

When you make room, you will want to add Space-Time Anomaly. Three will be nice to combo with your three Charlotte's Water Transformation Magic, but all around a good card to run since you have the mana to run it. As far as the side board goes, you will want a couple Barrier of Shadows since some control decks still run Ruler's Memoria. And just a suggestion from my past experience, be mindful of Conqueror of the Black Moon, Gill Lapis. Your Rulers are well equipt to face each other; any slight miss-play can cost either of you the game.

Qwano on Card Cost Error

1 year ago

I have noticed that some cards are being displayed with incorrect cost on the metrics graphs present on the deck builder. I.e. These cards with total cost one, have been registered on these graphs with total cost zero.

Cards with this issue I am aware of:

Tama, Familiar of Holy Wind

Charlotte's Water Transformation Magic

Although there may be more. Upon entering the 'Fix this Card' menu, the costs had been entered correctly, so it stands to reason this problem must be present elsewhere.

Update: I have noticed this with quite a few more cards, more cards than would be reasonable to list although all have been from CFC and SDL from my experience.

Saimakoto on Lunya Fire/Water

1 year ago

Thanks for your comment and suggestions! I went ahead and put the Hastur, Chasing the Goats back into the main board. I agree about its presence, I used it in a few games against my friend and he definitely didn't like it.

I have been planning on using Artemis, the God's Bow, I just haven't been able to acquire them yet. I have had it used on me a number of times in conjunction with Charlotte's Water Transformation Magic, so that made me very much want to get it to run in my deck.

I am still waiting to get the last of the cards for this deck, so then I'll be able to actually test it out and see how it goes and see what further tweaking I want to do with it.

Qwano on Lunya Fire/Water

1 year ago

I'd consider moving Hastur, Chasing the Goats into the main board, it's presence is is overwhelming, being able to hit something for 500 dmg total when you attack is crazy.

I also think that having Artemis, the God's Bow to work in tandem with you Charlotte's Water Transformation Magic to kill off just about anything. Replacing these with some of your slower cards will help out with early game aggression, cutting back to 40 main board cards will also help your consistency.