Dreams of Flight

Dreams of Flight

SpellĀ : Chant

  • Millium's power was divided among his Fairy Tale servants. *

Dreams of Flight Discussion

Teddybear14 on Burning Light Lunya

2 years ago

Feel like the white is not pulling enough weight. I mean that there are better cards to be playing than Perceval, the Seeker of Holy Grail because you have 12 targets and the only really "good" one's are Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon and Laevateinn, the Demon Sword. Also Escape from Crisis is not what you want to be doing in an aggro deck, you want cheap, big things with swiftness, and cheep removal. I feel as if this is going in the right direction, but if you really have to have white I would recommend Dreams of Flight, Zero's Familiar, Luminescent Bamboo Bullet, Zero's Magic Light, Glorius, The Silver Knight and maybe another Demonflame because that is just stupid good with the J-ruler. This is an interesting way to take a Lunya deck for sure. Best of luck to you.