Etna, the Snow Queen

Etna, the Snow Queen

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Etna, the Snow Queen Discussion

ExiledTroll on Tea Time!

2 years ago

... now I feel like an idiot ...

Well, Alice's Pursuit is a nice control card (with Send Back being a non-draw card, more versatile version)

Crime of Wave and Abandon is a nice 3 drop counterspell (once again, you might not need the draw card ...)

Alice's Little Scout is a nice 2/2 for 1 tht gives you a card on death (just now realizing tht im suggesting a lot of draw cards you probs don't need ...)

Etna, the Snow Queen gives you the ability to rest their entire board (assuming you have the will, also comes with a side of mill ...)

And finally Little Red, the Pure Stone seems like a generally strong magic stone, especially in mono colored decks