Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer

Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer

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Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer Discussion

Xindlepete1 on Angels Demon

2 years ago

Looks pretty good, though one big thing of note:

Where is your "moon" attribute? You have many cards in this deck which rely on it for activation, but none of your stones can produce it. This means that your Angel of Wisdom, Cherudim, Demon of the Black Moon, Lilith, Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer, and Kaguya's Premonition have no way of activating their additional abilities. It really cuts down on their usefulness. I'd recommend dropping your 3x Magic Stone of Light and 3x Magic Stone of Darkness, and replacing them with 2x each of Moonbreeze's Memoria, Magic Stone of Moon Light/Magic Stone of Moon Shade, and Black Moon's Memoria. I personally prefer the Magic Stone of Moon Light to the Magic Stone of Moon Shade, but it does kind of suck to draw them on turn one and have no other attribute production. So to each their own on that choice, just think of which one you would prefer.

Another thing of note is the card count. In Force of Will, your minimum requirements are 10x Magic Stones (because the Magic Stone Deck is separate from your regular deck), and your main deck has a minimum of 40. Including your J/Ruler, an overall deck has a minimum of 51 cards. Obviously, the fewer cards in your deck the more reliably it can perform. Also worth mentioning is that Force of Will is a much faster paced game than MTG can be, because your resources are virtually guaranteed in this game. You can reliably cast a 5 CAC resonator on turn 5, because you will pretty much always have 5 magic stones on turn 5. As such, most decks skew towards lower CAC costs, to avoid drawing too many higher cost resonators and spells early on.

Keeping this in mind, I would recommend dropping your Celestial Wing Seraphs and Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifers down to 2x each. This makes it less likely to draw them early when you can't cast them anyway, but still present in the deck. Also note that when you pay Judgment for Arla, the Winged Lord, and flip him to Arla, the Hegemon of the Sky, he allows you to search your library for an angel resonator and put it into your hand. If you don't draw into either of your "big" angels, then you can simply flip Arla for his Judgment to search one of them up, and summon them the following turn.

I think you can drop the Alice's Little Supply Force entirely, and possibly the 1x Shadow Doppelganger. Cutting these cards, along with the above mentioned angels, drops your 60 card deck to the minimum 51. It also leaves all of the resonators in your deck with Flying, meaning valid targets for Arla, the Winged Lord's buff and the passive boost from Heavenly Garden of Armalla. You are also left with a higher chance of drawing your removals, whether it be Stoning to Death, Demon of the Black Moon, Lilith, or Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer. Much more useful than an Alice's Little Supply Force. All in all, looks like a really solid first deck.

Welcome to Force of Will, and also, GO ARLA HE IS MY FAVORITE TOO! FLYERS FO' LIFE!