Flame Trap

Flame Trap

Spell : Chant - Standby

Flame Trap Discussion

Malus_Phasmatis on Charlotte Control

3 years ago

In my play group, strong single target removal tends to be more beneficial. When I originally put the list it together, I was on the fence about using light just for Zero's Magic Light, but after playing a bit, I really like the card here a lot. I haven't run into the problem of not having two light will, when I need it, but worst case scenario, there are a lot of stalling options, even just Charlotte, Determined Girl herself.

That said, if you're up against decks that are going to be dropping a lot of resonators quickly, I could definitely see the inclusion of Flame Trap being good. No one in my group, other than me, really plays those sorts of decks though. When I get the opportunity, I will have to try it out.