Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo

Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo


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kengiczar on Kaguya's Rabbits

1 year ago

MashedPotatoJones - I mean Barrier of Shadows in your side-board.

For now replacing those with Shining Strike might be helpful. I love S-Strike for stalling against Laevateinn, the Demon Sword with Valentina, the Princess of Love, Zero, Six Sage of Light, or Umr at-Tawil, Master of 1000 Keys.

Rabbit Trap is like a 3.75/5 IMO. Really pretty useful against Umr at-Tawil, Master of 1000 Keys and Zero, Six Sage of Light. Also works against something like Flame King's Shout which is seeing more play with Flame Dragon of Altea entering the format. I guess my point is it may have weaknesses but it also has a lot of strength in this new and more combat focused meta.

Possible new sideboard cards include Sorceress of Heavenly Wind, Melfee and Glorius, The Silver Knight. I like Melfee because she's only one will, has Quickcast, and can make and mana. She helps fuel your Judgement and is a 2/5 at least as far as "Resonators that are good with Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo" goes.

Glorius, The Silver Knight is bad vs Seal of Wind and Light and Wall of Wind but just fine against any other mid-range decks.

MashedPotatoJones on Kaguya's Rabbits

1 year ago

The deck has now been edited for the impending shift of the New Frontiers Format. I cannot add Zero's Magic Light yet to the sideboard, but it would be taking the place of Barrier of Shadows. Lunar Ibis has replaced Robe of Fire-Rat, hoping to find the right match-up where pulling in Lunar Ibis would be the right call. Makes for a good flying blocker, as well as giving Kaguya, Rabbit Princess of the Lunar Halo another opportunity to attack. Also upped the count on Moonbreeze Elf and Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo to help with the lack of all stones making the moon will. This list will be tested for consistency before I make any further changes.