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MashedPotatoJones on Kaguya's Rabbits

2 years ago

I've been thinking of how the Magic Stone side is going to change with the rotation. It's going to be a little less autonomous when I lose Magic Stone of Moon Light and Magic Stone of Moon Shade. I will be running the 4x Magic Stone of Gusting Skies, but the last two slots are also puzzling me. It will take some play testing to see what all it needs to be.

I will also have to dump parts of the side board, and rework it slightly. Keen Sense is in consideration mostly because of the targeted destruction of the standby area. Having it act as a cancel spell is also nice, but since it can only target normal spells, it will be more situational than Seal of Wind and Light and Wall of Wind. I've also been thinking of slotting in Wolf in the Moonlight, as it would work well having Target Attack, and makes a prime target for Kaguya's Premonition.