Little Red, the Pure Stone

Little Red, the Pure Stone

Special Magic Stone / True Magic Stone

Little Red, the Pure Stone Discussion

ExiledTroll on Alucard Vampires

2 years ago

... ignore my stupid self, your not supposed to have more than 4 of either of those so instead

2x Magic Stone of Moon Light

4x Magic Stone of Scorched Bales

1x Little Red, the Pure Stone

1x Milest, the Ghostly Flame Stone

1x Grusbalesta, the Sealing Stone

7x Magic Stone of Darkness

4x Magic Stone of Flame

maybe? Idk, probs needs some fine tuning ...

ExiledTroll on Tea Time!

2 years ago

... now I feel like an idiot ...

Well, Alice's Pursuit is a nice control card (with Send Back being a non-draw card, more versatile version)

Crime of Wave and Abandon is a nice 3 drop counterspell (once again, you might not need the draw card ...)

Alice's Little Scout is a nice 2/2 for 1 tht gives you a card on death (just now realizing tht im suggesting a lot of draw cards you probs don't need ...)

Etna, the Snow Queen gives you the ability to rest their entire board (assuming you have the will, also comes with a side of mill ...)

And finally Little Red, the Pure Stone seems like a generally strong magic stone, especially in mono colored decks