Magic Stone of Gusting Skies

Magic Stone of Gusting Skies

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Magic Stone of Gusting Skies Discussion

MashedPotatoJones on Kaguya's Rabbits

2 years ago

I've been thinking of how the Magic Stone side is going to change with the rotation. It's going to be a little less autonomous when I lose Magic Stone of Moon Light and Magic Stone of Moon Shade. I will be running the 4x Magic Stone of Gusting Skies, but the last two slots are also puzzling me. It will take some play testing to see what all it needs to be.

I will also have to dump parts of the side board, and rework it slightly. Keen Sense is in consideration mostly because of the targeted destruction of the standby area. Having it act as a cancel spell is also nice, but since it can only target normal spells, it will be more situational than Seal of Wind and Light and Wall of Wind. I've also been thinking of slotting in Wolf in the Moonlight, as it would work well having Target Attack, and makes a prime target for Kaguya's Premonition.

kengiczar on Kaguya's Rabbits

2 years ago

You know I never bothered to read Rabbit Trap before and wrote off the whole 1 drop bunnies as dumb. Now that I actually read how it works I will say it's much better than I thought.

I'm at a loss at what to do for my last 2 stones and I know that Magic Stone of Moon Light and Magic Stone of Moon Shade are about to rotate. Currently I am using 4x Moonbreeze's Memoria and 4x Magic Stone of Gusting Skies.

Any ideas on what the last two slots should really be once rotation happens? I play 4x Tsukuyomi Noble so I want double light will by T2 every time. Just putting in two Light stones will cause me to have dead cards Turns 1 and 2 with Moonbreeze Elf and that 1 drop counter.

charlie_shung_fu on Machina, the Machine Lord [New Frontiers]

2 years ago

Hello kengiczar,

Thanks for your interest.

I think that the second Machina (Memoria of the Seven Lands) ruler was a realy good option. The problem it's for the stones (memoria). If i play this ruler on my sideboard i have to use the memoria : Aloof Researcher's Memoria and the color of the mana of this memoria is blue. That realy not easy to play this memoria if i want change my tech before the side (too slow if i dont draw my green stone on the firsts turns). But why not if i want change for an another tech before side it's a realy good option. thx ;-)

I try to play a low budget version of this deck. It's a problem if i want playing the Magic Stone of Gusting Skies. But if i have the possibility to buy or trade this memoria why not.

Thx for all and see you later ;-)

kengiczar on Machina, the Machine Lord [New Frontiers]

2 years ago

I really like this. Have you ever considered having the other version Machina, the Machine Lord in your sideboard? He's from Alice cluster so he won't rotate out unlike Grim cards once Curse of the Frozen Casket comes out.

The reason I ask is if an opponent starts ripping apart with cards like Soulhunt, Recollection of Dystopia, and that other 1 drop discard you're going to want to be able to switch into a ruler that can counter 7-12 of the 55 non-stone cards they brought with them.

Also because of Interdimensional Escape I would storngly reocmmend you have not just Wall of Wind but also Seal of Wind and Light. Since you're not using anything but I guess I'm recommending you have Magic Stone of Gusting Skies x4.