Magic Stone of Hearth's Core

Magic Stone of Hearth's Core

Special Magic Stone


A passion like burning flames; A presence as cold as ice.

Magic Stone of Hearth's Core Discussion

glados856 on The Counters Stay

1 year ago

Having built this in paper before, it is really slow start compared to other NF decks. It is a really fun concept, it just isn't fast enough.

I'd also recommend running 4 Magic Stone of Deep Wood and 4 Magic Stone of Hearth's Core in the event you don't get a Deep Blue, and can't afford to waste a turn to fetch it.

Xindlepete1 on Tea Time!

2 years ago

@ExiledTroll, thanks for the recommendations. But I am looking at keeping this deck mono-blue with the heavier control aspects. The only reason I'm using the Magic Stone of Hearth's Core is so that I am able to activate Alice, the Valkyrie of Fairy Tales's God's Art ability. I really only need 1 source capable of producing the red attribute for the initial cost of her ability.

And I'm pretty sure that the "no more than 4x copies of a single card" rule applies to special magic stones, though I could be mistaken. If you can link somewhere that states clearly, then you are correct and there is no reason not to use 10x copies of the Magic Stone of Hearth's Core.

If you have any mono-blue recommendations for me, I would really appreciate that as well. But I am going to have to pass on all of your red aggro recommendations.

ExiledTroll on Tea Time!

2 years ago

i'm very new to FoW in basically every way

but if you're gonna have red in it i wouldnt put any Water Magic Stones, seeing as there is no down side to using Magic Stone of Hearth's Core over Water Magic Stone

Moojdart, the Fantasy Stone can also help with the fairy tale department (also if you have/want any anti- cards)

and if i had to recommend some red cards for you i would say Black Goat, Calamity Jane, and Demonflame are all nice low drop, odd cost, cards (Ame-no-Habakiri and Calamity Jane is a nice combo tho, esspecially if you add in Milest, the Ghostly Flame Stone ... but Ame-no-Habakiri is a 2 drop ...)