March of the Machine Lord

March of the Machine Lord


March of the Machine Lord Discussion

kengiczar on Memoria of the seven lands

8 months ago

Using Sacred Elf and Elvish Priest can allow you to quicky ramp out enough 1 cost machines, then on T2 or T3 play Dark Machina, Gliding Shadow, fetching March of the Machine Lord to swing big on turn 3.

majorappliance on Machine Legion

11 months ago

well, if u dont understand then no worries, ill explain. theres no reason to have big resonators since those would be the ones to get blocked first, with March of the Machine Lord and Sprint of the Beast Lady more resonators actually adds up more damage than less creatures with higher power ( plus it will be harder to block for players with less resonators). For such reasons having no big fat resonator also makes Leginus, the Mechanical City less useful and (a little redundant with the aforementioned buff spells), because i dont have value resonators to use the second ability on. therefore, with the way of have currently built the deck, the most value are small resonators, thematically with banishing and card draw to build a perfect hand with card advantage. While i have no idea how this deck would do in your current meta, in mine, it does exactly what i need.