Soulhunt Discussion

Teddybear14 on Lose! and Then Don't (Sultai Yggdrasil Control)

1 year ago

I like the idea of Lapis' Dark Storm, The Executioner, and Prison in the Lunar Lake but Soulhunt is definetly good in the right deck and i don't thinks this would be one of those just because we want our resonators and cards in our hand. What would you recommend I take out for two or three of's?

Qwano on Lose! and Then Don't (Sultai Yggdrasil Control)

1 year ago

Cards like Soulhunt and Lapis' Dark Storm will help with hand control and deal with some early aggression. The Executioner can also help with the early game.

Against other control decks Prison in the Lunar Lake is something you may want to consider adding, as well as something to watch out for.

kengiczar on jund Midrange

1 year ago


-2x Foment
+2x Knight's Shade

The card CAN backfire if you play poorly but it has so many interactions with your deck that it's astounding! That's FIVE reason to play him!

Until you get used to it just play the two copies. One of my favorite things about him is how dirt cheap he is money-wise.

The only card that doesn't benefit from Knight's Shade is The Little Match Girl and Athena but that's fine since both of them and K's S benefit from Soulhunt.

What a tangled web we weave.

kengiczar on Machina, the Machine Lord [New Frontiers]

1 year ago

I really like this. Have you ever considered having the other version Machina, the Machine Lord in your sideboard? He's from Alice cluster so he won't rotate out unlike Grim cards once Curse of the Frozen Casket comes out.

The reason I ask is if an opponent starts ripping apart with cards like Soulhunt, Recollection of Dystopia, and that other 1 drop discard you're going to want to be able to switch into a ruler that can counter 7-12 of the 55 non-stone cards they brought with them.

Also because of Interdimensional Escape I would storngly reocmmend you have not just Wall of Wind but also Seal of Wind and Light. Since you're not using anything but I guess I'm recommending you have Magic Stone of Gusting Skies x4.