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Split Heaven and Earth


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Xindlepete1 on Fire in the Sky

2 years ago

@Nexto315: Thanks for the recommendations. Probably won't pick up the Flame King's Shout, as I don't have enough Fire Resonator's to make it necessarily worthwhile. I did throw the Split Heaven and Earth and Keeper of the Past, Urthr into the sideboard. I also realized that I could simply drop the Celestial Wing Seraphs and Dignified Seraphs to drop the card count and overall mana cost. I bumped the Angel of Wisdom, Cherudims up to 4x so if I do Judgement on Arla, then I have some angels to pull, and even if I don't they are still cheap flyers for the other anthem effects. It works a lot better without drawing those more expensive angels when I don't really need them. And I can much more reliably cast Gwiber, the White Dragon for 3cmc now. Thanks for the tips about sideboard!