Tama, Familiar of Holy Wind

Tama, Familiar of Holy Wind

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"Already here, huh? I guess it's my turn." - Fiethsing, Master Magus of Holy Wind

Tama, Familiar of Holy Wind Discussion

Qwano on Card Cost Error

1 year ago

I have noticed that some cards are being displayed with incorrect cost on the metrics graphs present on the deck builder. I.e. These cards with total cost one, have been registered on these graphs with total cost zero.

Cards with this issue I am aware of:

Tama, Familiar of Holy Wind

Charlotte's Water Transformation Magic

Although there may be more. Upon entering the 'Fix this Card' menu, the costs had been entered correctly, so it stands to reason this problem must be present elsewhere.

Update: I have noticed this with quite a few more cards, more cards than would be reasonable to list although all have been from CFC and SDL from my experience.