The Scorn of Dark Alice

The Scorn of Dark Alice


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kengiczar on Friend from Another World, Kaguya control

2 years ago

If you want to stick with Kaguya then use Tsukuyomi Noble at least as a 3x. Even if the ability is not relevant having 3x chump/blocker and card draw is just good for the deck.

I really think you should use Conqueror of the Black Moon, Gill Lapis if you are not going to take advantage of the "draw" and "awakening" synergy with Kaguya.

Also you need Interdimensional Escape if you're playing control as this card alone is what keeps Faerie and Machine decks in check.

Another decent card for a hard control deck is Reflect, the Beginning of Time. It's a little mana intensive but if you have some 1 will costed utility, some 2 will costed single target removal, and interdimensional escape, you should have will left over to put counters on it. At the very least it can block fast ground resonators in the opening hand.

Also some people are starting to not play Shining Strike but I say it's still a fantastic card, especially since you are trying to survive to T6. It pairs VERY well with Reflect, the Beginning of Time.

Here's an ideal opening hand to get you to the late game:
Shining Strike
Reflect, the Beginning of Time
Seal of Wind and Light
Dark Purge
Wall of Wind/The Scorn of Dark Alice

This should pretty much guarantee you live to T3 for an Interdimensional Escape (or "IE") no matter how many cards they can toss out. Once you've landed your first IE you then start getting to the point where you can play 2 cards a turn, and once you get to 5 will you want to be able to do this every turn:

Threat + Removal
Threat + IE
Removal + IE

Your "Threat" on turns 4 and 5 is Tsukuyomi Noble. Once you get to T8 that's when you should be playing your big bombs. Make sure you keep one Seal of Wind and Light to protect an Izanagi, Keeper of the Seal because if he dies you're sort of done for.