Thunder Discussion

Xindlepete1 on Fairies of the lake

3 years ago

Looks pretty good. Like I recommended, straightforward, with a few control effects and some combat tricks. A couple of things though:

1) The Moonbreeze Fairy's ability requires a "moon" attribute, and none of your magic stones are capable of producing it. I would recommend either swapping out the Moonbreeze Fairys for 1x more Flame Sprite and 1x more Light Sprite; or switch out your Magic Stone of Light for 2x Moonbreeze's Memoria or Magic Stone of Moon Light. As it stands, your Moonbreeze Fairys are essentially 300/200 flyers and that's it. Either supplying their ability with an attribute source or swapping them out for other fairies will make the deck more effective.

2) Consider using other colored spells than just light-attribute. There are plenty of other goodies to be had, and you already have a diverse attribute base. Consider swapping out Justice of God's Sword for Thunder, for example. Since Thunder can deal damage to either resonators or the opponent and doesn't require a particular trigger to cast instant speed, it has a little bit more utility than Justice of God's Sword. Something to consider.