This deck is simple-it's meant to hit fast and hard. The idea is to use to draw the needed cards through Glorius, Masked Crusader + Tama, Familiar of Holy Wind . The idea is to go into my J-ruler & rush my opponent. Zero's Magic Light can be used to banish blocking or attacking resonators until I can get Flying Cloud + Pricia, Beast Queen in Hiding on the field to give double buffs & avoid blocking resonators. The resonators with the inheritance ability can be discarded to buff Pricia and Faria from the hand to also push for game.

I need help deciding on 3 Flying Cloud vs 3 Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo. Flying Cloud + Faria, Ruler of Divine Beasts or Pricia, Beast Queen in Hiding can be deadly but Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo allows me to use the awaken ability for Seal of Wind and Light. Another option is running Seal of Wind and Light + Tsukuyomi Noble for the awakening. I'm also considering Artemis, the God's Bow + Faria, Ruler of Divine Beasts + Laevateinn, the Demon Sword to hit specific targets.

Note:The following cards brought up errors:

Mainboard:Divine Beast of Attoractia x3Faria's Summon x4Shining Kirin x2White Horn Kaichi x3

Sideboard:Kaguya's Moonbeam Butterfly



Nerotheory says... #1

Off the top i think this is a good deck idea that has potential to morph into something great. I would add some cards to make a 40 card main deck, you have 28 as of now, so add 12 cards.

If anything run 3 Flying Clouds and 3 Apollos, you wont have to give up anything so its a win/win.

Tsukuyomi Noble i think is a good card to shut down some resonators from going over the top or stopping them from pumping something up huge

Heavenly Gust and Artemis i think add a niceness to the deck.

December 26, 2016 10:41 a.m.

jedi_strings says... #2

@Nerotheory: Thanks for the feedback, I agree with you on Tsukuyomi & on Apollo, I'm going to make another draft to try to get something better.

December 26, 2016 12:18 p.m.

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