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Gill Lapis Twilight Lord

New Frontiers



im new to force of will and looking to improve the deck over all. All suggestions are welcome.The deck is focused around control of enemy field and dealing finishing blow with Lapis.



TenkaLion says... #1

I like it over all, but it lacks some consistency with all of the 2-of's. I would reduce Celestial Wing Seraph and Lucifer both to 1, as you can cheat out them both with Gill's God Art pretty easily.

Also, A lot of your 2-cost resonators are probably too reliant on comboing with other cards. With all the removal in New Frontiers right now, it might be good to replace them with cards that can stand on their own. You're pretty likely to have at least a few turns with only one resonator in the field, so you should make sure it can have an impact by itself. For example, although I personally love the interaction between Dark Faria and Seth, the Arbiter, it isn't too likely to happen. It might be best to switch to control with less resonators and more spells, or keep the heavy resonator base, but focus less on comboing in the early game.

But I really do love the shell of this deck, I plan on making it for the next time I play at my LGS!

April 2, 2017 1:53 p.m.

KaiLaharl says... #2

@TenkaLion:Thank you for the feedback. I will try to make some adjustments to it with some of the new cards that were released with the present sets.If you do make it let me know how it works. I'd love to make it better.

April 2, 2017 6:35 p.m.

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