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Kaguya Knights of the Round Moon

New Frontiers



Deck is a typical A3 Kaguya deck but instead of upgrading it using the Resonaor version of Kaguya we are using Percival + Regalia + Gawain.

  • Crescent Moon Magician : 4x because it can chump a Lance to buy you time, block Cthugha, the Living Flame saving us 1,000 life if we are on the play, and works well with our J-Ruler. Not only can it kill a lot of annoying cards for W1M but it also buffs our J-Ruler if she's flipped while doing so. Not to mention if you play patiently then once you God's Art you can bounce these to hand and machine gun down opposing forces for just 2 Will.

  • Moonbreeze Elf 3x: Good source of both Moon and Wind for our deck and it also can't be attacked. Being able to play it then pass with Wall of Wind is very strong and it helps us Awaken many of our cards. This card is a notoriously bad top-deck though so we aren't going to play the full four.

  • Tsukuyomi Noble : 4x This fine blocker will often draw us a card on T2 while preventing a steam-rolling or at the least force our opponent to two-for-one us. So long as we make it to turn 5 against rush decks we win. Card also shuts down opposing Elvish Priest , Guinevere, Moonbreeze Elf ... any resonator with an activated ability (denoted by the use of a colon in the text) that we don't own.

  • Gawain, the Knight of the Sun x2: If you don't read the card 100% down to the last letter you cannot appreciate how good this guy is. At the same time his body is rather lackluster on it's own and the buff to Knights of the Round Table isn't very relevant here. He's there as a 1 or 2 of to provide fetch targets for Percy and mess up combat on occasion.

Sideboard Resonators

  • Wall of Wind x3: Every time I take 4 of these to a tournament (2 out of 6 times) I was extremely disappointed to get so many.

  • Shining Strike x3: Excellent card for deck thinning and can stall quite well for a very low cost. It is also easy to use for triggering Sorceress of Heavenly Wind, Melfee .

  • Seal of Wind and Light x4: Our own deck can get done in quite easily by cards like Interdimensinoal Escape or even just giant resonators. This will keep us safe from cards like Captain Hook, The Pirate .

  • Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo x4: This is the best regalia from it's set despite the fact that it only works with kaguya. This is because it works for Kaguya so much more effectively than other Ruler/J-Ruler specific regalia do. This card bounces gives us another use of our resonators with Awaken, gives our J-Ruler flying, and the "free will" it gives us is actually VERY strong. While we generally want to pay only with Magic Stones to God's Art if we need to play fast aggro using these to pay for Kaguya's Awakening works too.

  • Artemis, the God's Bow x3: This card was Laevateinn, the Demon Sword but my deck was then to skewed around attacking with a J-Ruler and died horribly to Black Moonbeam . My Seal of Wind and Light and Wall of Wind were also horrible draws vs Stealth so this should help tremendously there.

  • Dreams of Flight x1: Will probably go to a 2-of. Vs Charlotte with Remnant the natural draw off of our 6x Moon cards isn't enough to keep up. This should help somewhat.

  • Luminescent Bamboo Bullet x2: After playtesting with just 1 copy of this I found that I really wanted a second copy. This is partly because the value is very good, partly because it sucks when Perceval, the Seeker of Holy Grail puts your only copy at the bottom of the deck, and partly because I want more ways to "Awaken" cards. It's the only possible way to handle a dedicated Croco-Shark deck and is only really bad vs decks running less than 10 resonators.

  • Wind-Secluded Refuge x4: This is the only way our deck can stop Black Moonbeam . It also just protects our resonators from a lot of other annoying things. It helps somewhat vs Charlotte Darkness/Water decks which are the biggest threat to us.

4x Magic Stone of Gusting Skies
4x Moonbreeze's Memoria
2x Pricia's Memoria

Using 2x Pricia's Memoria with the older stones means that EVERY stone we have produces both W and G will. This allows us the ability to easily and consistently play cards such as Red Riding Hood with double W cards such as Tsukuyomi Noble and Zero's Magic Light on curve 100% of the time.

Final wisdom from day one release A3 Kaguya player: You need 7 moons to be able to get that T2 draw. That's four Nobles and 3 of any other moon you prefer. Change the other card depending on meta I'd say.

You also want at least 11 targets for any one Percival you play. So if you have 4 Percy and 4 Apollo you want at least 3 more Percy targets. Even then I prefer to play with 13.


Three round tournament with seven players. I didn't place but got a pack for beating one oppoennt. Here's what I learned:

Shining Strike x4 is just to much. It often doesn't play well with the rest of my hand. It's very bad vs discard. As important as this card is for stopping early J-Activates from wrecking me 4 coppies in the main is just not good enough in a lot of matchups. Play 2 or 3 in the main.

Dreams of Flight : AMAZING! This card kept my resonators out of Thunder and Space-Time Anomaly range while helping me make trades. Getting the flying keyword is nice to set up to finish the opponent a turn earlier. This especially matters vs control decks. Having a card that still works after being discarded is also a huge. Most importantly it helped me win games with resonators which the deck which is great because previously I relied on Kaguya attacking too much.

Laevateinn, the Demon Sword s were all replaced by Artemis, the God's Bow . The 3 bows were helpful in every single match. I would say that a Laev is more helpful if the opponent isn't playing Black Moonbeam but the downside of that when using Laevs is too severe. Due to this Artemis, the God's Bow is the better regalia IMO. The combination of Apollo + Artemis helps us kill pesky, pesky Zero's Familiar s which is nice because our matchup vs midrange Zero is in our favor already. There is also nothing funner than Silvia sitting back like "I'm not attacking into that!" and then flying and slaughtering a giant dragon with a teeny tiny rabbit princess with a bunch of counters.

Interdimensional Escape is the only reason I was able to beat a Machina, the Machine Lord who just decimated me game one. He was able to consistently assemble a lethal March of the Machine Lord by T4 consistently. Game 2 I was on the play and flipped my ruler into the J-Ruler side via a single stone and two Apollo. I followed that up with a T3 Interdimensional Escape and then just kept a single moon open because if he flipped his ruler and I didn't stop the flip trigger he would have crushed me like a puny bug.


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