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Mikage Sacrifice

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This deck tries to control your hand while also minimizing your field presence. This can all be done by the cards alone or by sacrificing with Faithful Hellhound and Adombrali, the Unfathomable

I've considered Fire but dont like just running Demonflame and dont want to spend $30 for Lightning Strikes. I feel Urashima Taro , Artemis, the God's Bow and Faithful Hellhound can put in enough work. Upside of having Demonflame is that it's instant so I can cast it after I hit something with Bow instead of waiting on my turn to kill leaving not as much response compared to Stealth Mikage but I still find this deck quite unique. You could also make this into a Aggro by adding Flame Sprite , Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon , Rukh Egg , Snow White, the Valkyrie of Passion . Which I did consider but that is for another time.

For Addition removal, I didnt want to add Light or Wind so I went with a slower route of Send Back then to pop it from hand with The Nameless Mist . Requires more to get it off but people are usually teching in 1 or 2 Shackles of Ice anyways. Wall of Wind and Wind-Secluded Refuge would be good additions if you went with Wind. You could also add Tama, Familiar of Holy Wind for more ping and draw. Light can also work well with Guardian Angel, Raphael to stop anything in Chant-Standby and the annoying Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo flicker.

Captain Hook, The Pirate might be better instead of Moojdart but I enjoy the buff, Flying and having 2 out can be quite devastating. Moojdart also helps with finishing the game instead of just relying on Mikage.

Heavenly Instrument, Hydromonica helps with getting the proper cards to your hand but I haven't thought about it to much. Wouldn't be an issue dropping it for Hooks or something which might happen.

Adombrali might have to be at 4 to be able to help move the deck to a better position. Incarnating Dark drops 400 life and usually I am using Heaven Bound Pheasant so you are discarding something aswell. Even with just The Monkey Trapped in Life I am still ahead by 300 life. Usual targets for Adombrali is Alice's Little Scout and Heaven Bound Pheasant , The Monkey Trapped in Life for a consistent target. Might run 2 Monkeys to be able to abuse him more.

I am nervous having so much resonator hate because of recent control decks only running 4 Hooks but then again I can always side in some more discard and my own Hooks. Bow also helps with getting rid of Prison in the Lunar Lake and anything else hiding in the Chant-Standby( Riza, First of the Dead and Melder, Last of the Dead )

Barrier of Shadows helps against the rise of Val 2.0 again and the rest of my sideboard is for more consistency against other decks.

Also considered running some Illusion cards like Illusory Projection and Illusion Wizard to help have a bigger board presence and have more consistency with Adombrali.

Thanks for the help.



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