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Power of Being the Main Character

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The Power of Being the Main Character

Note: Leviathan, the First of the Sea is actually Twin-Headed Dragon ( Cannot link this I am sorry :( )

This deck is designed to keep control of your opponent through hard control, tempo, and burn while being able to lay down some heat. The goal is to maintain control over your opponents board state, while casting cheap, efficient creatures that can get the message across. Cheap spells are the kinds in this deck, and always having a response is important. Let's go through some card breakdowns!

(Quick disclosure, I only have experience in MTG deck building and this is my first attempt at a FOW deck. So suggestions are more then welcome.)


Alice, the Girl in the Looking Glass / Alice, the Valkyrie of Fairy Tales - She is one of my favorite cards in this game. She has a cheap J-activate, a cute passive, a useful fetch ability, and a realistic gods art. Alice brings many things to this deck. The first thing she brings is her ability to fetch Deep Blue, the Phantom Board. Although will is fairy stable in this deck, this ability can help you get back in the game and start laying your cards down. Let's flip! First off, you get a helpful fetch by being able to pull out a Fairy Tale resonator and add that baby to your hand. Being able to fetch out Snow White, the Valkyrie of Passion or The Little Match Girl is huge for obvious reasons. Her passive can be helpful with Snow White, but it usually ends up being a win harder ability. Though if some counters stick around, it can definitely help lock the board down. Her final ability is one of the most realistic gods art you can utilize. Although it may not be a huge impact, one shot, no-scope 360, it is easy to use and can help you keep your opponents resonators where you want them.

Spells: Let's get into the meat of the control for this deck.

Sniping from the Blind Spot - This is one of the most powerful tempo spells in this deck. For one will, you can bounce rested resonators. You won't hear any complaints from me if I have this in my opening hand.

Summon from Memoria - Anyone heard of Ponder? This card is just great. Being able to look at the top three, pick one, then put the other two on the bottom? Yes please. I like searching through my cards. I love searching through my cards for a single will.

Thunder - I like finishing off J/resonator with spells, or maybe even a player. At a low cost of one red for an instant speed, 500 damage spell I will happily run four.

Wall of Wind - This is a good card in certain scenarios, scenarios that are common enough I think 4 is the appropriate amount in this deck. For example, if they tap out against you, perfect. Being tapped out early is quite common. Or perhaps you need a clutch counter to allow one of your spells to go through. Again, for just one will, this card is just excellent.

Resonators: Alright, let's see some of the beat sticks this deck like thing will be throwing around. Silly creatures.

Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant - This card is known for being insane. Solid card draw with filtering, protects itself, and goes back to your deck after death. A solid four of that is a staple in this deck.

Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon - A strong opening creature if you ask me. Though it is unlikely I will be using his 700 damage ability often, it can still be card-less removal if he comes out late. Swinging for a base of 600 with swiftness is incredibly efficient.

Snow White, the Valkyrie of Passion - My personal favorite when it comes to resonators in this deck. Although 3 is a bit steep for this deck, she doesn't have to come out right away, and if Alice is flipped the opponent will be required to deal with her if they ever want to have a resonator again.

The Little Match Girl - Now let's talk about the heat of this deck! Two reasons I like this card. First, if you play her with 2 will on the field, and you have a matchstick in hand, great play. Second, if you draw this turn 3 or later, you can just bring your flame twigs back, and throw them down again. Talk about value. Even if it is turn 6 and you play her then sitting on 4 matches in hand, your opponent will have to play very carefully. I love flashy burn plays, and dumping four cards on a resonator only to bring them back with the next fire plank lady feels good.

Addition: Well, there is only one. But it deserves to be noticed to!

Magic Matchstick - Honestly, by itself I do not like this card, and it does not belong in this deck. However, when The Little Match Girl can discard these babies out for 400 damage, I find them to be very appealing.

Regalia: On to the last item in the main board, and arguably one of the most important!

Deep Blue, the Phantom Board - This card can work wonders in this deck. The will fixing is great, but it is its instant speed potential that really drives it deep into this decks build. I used to have four Alice's Little Scout s in this deck, and that made this card a star. Even though those are presently missing from the list its discard ability is still great. When you have a deck that runs so many spells on one will, having this in your hand while being "tapped out" can really lead to some surprising and game changing plays your opponent will not be expecting.

Sideboard: Well, that is it for the main board. Let us see what ridiculous cards I stuck up my sleeve that are begging to be swapped in and smacked down destroying the hopes and dreams of the unworthy adversary named your opponent.

Charlotte, Determined Girl / Charlotte, the Mage of Sacred Spirit - Oh man, this card makes me excited and has so much use. Although Alice, the Girl in the Looking Glass is very good in the main board, sometimes I feel like she just isn't good enough against swarming decks or decks with huge hitters. Charlotte brings a whole new game in. Her Ruler side is strong, especially with some card draw. However, her flip side Charlotte, the Mage of Sacred Spirit really brings the board under your control. Especially if you start discarding Magic Matchstick s then pulling them out again with The Little Match Girl . Not even to mention that every time you draw a card with Foresee or on your draw step you gain incremental life. You need more control, Charlotte has you covered.

Athena, Titan of Revenge - I like Athena because she can be a very good swap out with Snow White, the Valkyrie of Passion . Snow White is a strong card, but she suffers against decks where she can't target anything. That is where Athena comes in.

Etna, the Snow Queen - This card is quite conditional, but can be very useful. She can come out late and bring your opponents overwhelming board state to its knees giving you the chance to kill them or possible remove some pesky creatures with your creatures. As a bonus, if they don't kill he the turn you play her, and they kill her on their next turn, you get two "free" swings at them.

Foresee - The only reason this card is really in here is if you are facing discard for some reason, or decide it is better to bring in Charlotte, Determined Girl .

Law of Silence - I don't typically like spending my entire turn to stop their turn, but sometimes the opponent needs to be shut out of the game for awhile to let you get back on your feet. This can be great if you are slightly ahead, and need a turn or two of them sitting there politely while you swing in for that tasty lethal.

Leviathan, the First of the Sea aka Twin-Headed Dragon - This big fatty is good in this deck as a one of for several reasons. He can be great at eliminating an awful stagnant board state. If he comes in with his awakens, he can help bring your opponent back under your control while you swing in to do what you do.

Conclusion: I hope you enjoyed reading this deck breakdown! I know I love writing stuff like this. Again I am very new and may be missing a key component of the game. If that is the case please let me know the superior alternative! This build is designed to learn! Although I may feel it is strong, it could have a severe weakness. Thank you for your time fellow tabletop gamers!



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