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Yggdrasil Can't Fall

New Frontiers



This is a basic wind and light Yggdrasil deck made to stall and slowly beat your opponent down using Rhythm of Life . It's not meant to be aggro, just to defend and poke at your opponent. The reason Rhythm of Life is your power play is it give a resonator +800/+800 and if it is sent to the graveyard from the field it is put into your hand instead so you can drop it once more. The Last Drop is also an important card since Yggdrasil, the World Tree can only use it's effect once and only puts you at 100 life, this can bring you to 4100(assuming you get off all four) for more sustainability and basically reset your life total. Cards like Flak Jacket and Reflective Water Shield make some of your resonators nearly impossible to deal with, and if your opponent tries to pop them with cards like Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer that just destroys without doing damage, then you use cards like Wall of Wind and Wind-Secluded Refuge. Reflect, the Beginning of Time was also added as his shift side can reset the board if anything gets too messy, or you feel like being THAT guy who nukes the field to end set ups.


So I tested this deck out against my friend's Kaguya deck. One of the greatest moments was when he actually managed to trigger Yggdrasil's ability and had no answers to Alice or Excalibur X. Following this he was so sure he had the game in the bag since all he had to do was hit me for 100 damage. This was dispelled once I dropped the Flak Jacket and there was absolutely nothing he could do.All in all, I suggest only playing this deck against someone who can take a joke and can still have fun playing against someone who just cannot die, otherwise prepare yourself for some rage.


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This deck is New Frontiers legal.

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