Tower of Games

5405 Indian River Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23464

This store typically has... a lot of things going on. Each night of the week they cater to a different group of players.

Monday = Monday night Magic (Standard)
Tuesday = Board game night (People are friendly and will typically let you join even if htey don't know you.)
Wednesday = MTG Modern
Thursday = Commander League (when it's a league season) + other things (I usually don't go on Thursday so not sure.)
Friday = MTG Draft
Saturday = FoW

They also have a LOT of tabletop gaming like Warmachine and other things though Warhammer is pretty much dead. They also have lively DnD nights twice a week.

The store is also growing physically as in the owner is purchasing more of the building the store is in to expand to create more room for video game tournaments starring big hit games such as Smash Bros., Poken Tournament, Marvel/DC fighting games, etc.

Weekly Events


FNM! Friday Night Magic

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Kaguya Knights of the Round Moon Playtest

New Frontiers 3 additions • 10 magic stones • 8 regalias • 19 resonators • 10 spells
by kengiczar | SCORE: 2 | 0 COMMENTS | 952 VIEWS

I am doing a decent update to have a deck that's playable with just the front side of my J-Ruler.

Laevateinn, the Demon Sword is being removed entirely. While Kaguya is a fantastic mid-game J-Ruler (and has enough cantrips to function well off of 1-2 mana in case you ...

2 years ago