Legacy Lost [LGL]

Card Price Avg Draft Avg Cube
Alhama'at's Black Lightning
Amaterasu's Foresight
Amaterasu, Guide of Light
Ammit, Beast of Gluttony
Ancient Manager
Awakened Magic Stone, The Earth
Bastet's Fascination
Bastet, Goddess of Cats
Beast of Holy Light
Charlotte, Wielder of the Sacred Spirit
Conjure Time Bomb
Crimson Ray
Curse of the Kyuubi
Death at Midnight
Dimension Dragon, Nidhogg
Divine Beast of Attoractia
Faria, Ruler of Divine Beasts
Fated Reunion
Fiethsing, the Fate Spinning Winds
Final Breeze
Gale Force
Glorius, Masked Crusader
Griphon, Racing Across Darkness
Grusbalesta's Secret Technique
Grusbalesta, Magic Stone Researcher
Invisible Flame
Jack, Climbing the Beanstalk
Jiang Ziya, the Fisherman
Kaguya's Moonbeam Butterfly
Kaguya, Lunar Researcher
Killing Stone
Lilias Petal's Assistant
Luan, Auspicious Beast
Lumia's Judgment
Lumia's Purification
Lumia, Saint of the Crimson Lotus
Magic Rebound
Magic Stone Life Form
Magic Stone of Murky Waters
Magic Stone of Vaporization
Meeting of Light and Fire
Messenger of Lilias Petal
Millium's Weapon
Moojdart's Illusionary Soldier
Moojdart, Lady of Illusions
Nyarlathotep, the Crimson Radiance
Planting Beans
Pricia's Memoria
Prokaryotic Being
Rachel's Smile
Rachel, Alhama'at's Advisor
Remains of Attoractia
Reunion of Sisters
Sacred Beast of Wind
Sacred Komainu
Sariel, Lord of the Moons
Shining Kirin
Skyscraper Giant
Snow White of the Crystal Apple
Sol, Dark Commander of Steam
Spirit of Light
The Manticore
The Nine-Tailed Fox
The Seven Dwarves
Time-Guide Admiral, Alfred
Tuning of Wind and Darkness
Valentina, Released Terror
Wetlands of Magical Origin
White Horn Kaichi
World Flame Summoning
Yashahime, First Daughter of the Mikage

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Destroy all minions, Draw 3 cards, etc.

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.