Battle for Attoractia [BFA]

Card Price Avg Draft Avg Cube
Alice of Light
Alice of Shadow
Alice's Little Decoy
Alisaris, Avatar of Destruction
Aloof Researcher's Memoria
Arla, Guardian of the Skies
Artificial Moon
Attoractia, Dimension of the Seven Kings
Avalon, Illusionary Home of Knights
Battle for Attoractia
Black Moonbeam
Blood Boil
Blood Covered War Axe
Bloodfire Dragon
Bors, Returned Adventurer
Brutal Conqueror's Memoria
Bulwark Architect
Call to Action's Memoria
Circle of Trust
Collapsing World
Covert Operative
Croco-Shark Crossing
Darkness Magic Stone
Death Trap
Disassembly Line
Down the Drain
Dummy Doll
Earthbound Wingman
Engineer of Leginus
Enraged Knight
Escort of the Fairy King
Eyes In The Darkness
Fairy Flower Extract
Fairy of Sacred Vision
Fairy Shadow
Faria, Chosen Girl
Fire Magic Stone
First Flight's Memoria
Flame Soldier of Volga
Flame Trap
Gathering of Fairies
Glorian Princess of Water, Charlotte
Guardian Angel, Raphael
Hades, Lord of the Dead
Hare of Inaba
High Speed Dash
Home of the Wingmen
Illusory Demonic Globe, Attoractia
Interdimensional Escape
Interdimensional Monarch, Gill Lapis
Kaguya, Rabbit Princess of the Lunar Halo
Lapis' Beast of Flame
Lapis' Dark Beast
Lapis' Dark Storm
Lars, Inheritor of the Sacred Spirit
Last People of Gloria
Life Profiteering Priest
Light Magic Stone
Machina, Clever Researcher
Machine Lab of Leginus
Machine Sympathizer
Mariabella's Work
Melder, Last of the Dead
Melgis, Conqueror of Flame
Messenger Familiar
Midsummer's Night King, Oberon
Moonbreeze Rabbit
Napping Lion
Possessor Princess of Love, Valentina
Protection of Alice
Queen's Envoy
Rabbit of Moonlit Nights
Reflect, the Beginning of Time
Reflective Water Shield
Refrain, the End of Ages
Remnants of Niflheim
Remote Control Beast
Remote Control Golem
Rezzard, Dark Necromancer
Ring of Fate
Riza, First of the Dead
Rotting Black Moon Dragon
Sacred Knight of the North
Sacred Knight of the South
Sanguine Arena
Separation of Body and Soul
Set Free
Shion, Liberator of Shangri-La
Slayer of the Overlord, Pricia
Small Assistant, Mariabella
Song of the Fairy King
Sorrowful Necromancy's Memoria
Space-Time Pursuer, Gill Lapis
Spectating Magician
Survivors of Sissei
Technician of Leginus
The Last Drop
The Ro-Box
Tick-Tock Automaton
Time-Gazer Elf
Titania, Prideful Queen
True Successor of Certo, Volga
Vell-Savarian Apparition
Water Magic Stone
Wind Magic Stone
Wing Trap
Yggdor, Beast of the World
Ywain, Knight of Lions

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Destroy all minions, Draw 3 cards, etc.

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.