Crimson Moon's Fairy Tale [CMF]

Card Price Avg Draft Avg Cube
Absolute Cake Zone
Aesop, the Prince's Tutor
Alucard, the Dark Noble
Alvarez, the Demon Castle
Aramis, the Three Musketeers
Archer of the Crescent Moon
Athos, the Three Musketeers
Basket of Little Red
Black Coffin of Vampires
Blinded Prince
Bloodsucking Impulse
Bloody Moon
Bloody Snow White
Carmilla, the Queen of Vampires
Charles VII
Christie, the Wind Tracker
Cinderella, the Ashen
Clockwork Apple Bomb
Clothes Tailor
Commander of Wolves
Cottage of Cakes
Cowrie of Swallows
D'Artagnan, the Bayoneteer
Deadman Prince
Deep Ones
Dracula, the Demonic One
Dream of Juliet
Elvish Bowman
Elvish Exorcist
Elvish Priest
Fina, the Silver Player
Five Challenges
Gilles de Rais, the Golden Dragon
Granny by the Fireplace
Grimm, the Fairy Tale Prince
Hamelin's Pied Piper
Heavenly Feathered Robe
Helsing, the Vampire Hunter
Holy Grail
Hunter in Black Forest
Jeanne d'Arc, the Flame of Hatred
Jeweled Branch of Horai
Jewels on Dragon's Neck
Juliet, the Hope
Kaguya, Princess of the Moon
King's Servant
Knight of Loyalty
Knight of the New Moon
Law of Silence
Light of Hope
Light Palace, the King's Castle
Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red, the Wolf Girl
Lora, the Blood Speaker
Loup-Garou, the New Moon
Magic Stone of Black Silence
Magic Stone of Darkness
Magic Stone of Deep Wood
Magic Stone of Flame
Magic Stone of Hearth's Core
Magic Stone of Heat Ray
Magic Stone of Heaven's Rift
Magic Stone of Light
Magic Stone of Water
Magic Stone of Wind
Midnight Bell
Moon Night Pouncer
Murderous Snowman
Musketeer's Bayonet
Nameless Girl
One-Inch Boy
Pale Moon
Pandora of Dark
Pandora of Light
Pandora, Girl of the Box
Poison Apple
Porthos, the Three Musketeers
Pumpkin Witch
Purifying Fire
Puss in Boots
Rabbit Kick
Rapunzel, the Long-Haired Princess
Rat Catcher's Pipe
Red Hot Iron Shoes
Resurrection of Vampire
Return to Stories
Robe of Fire-Rat
Romeo, the Despair
Seer of the Blue Moon
Servant of Kaguya
Servant of Vampire
Seven Dwarfs
Siege Warfare
Silver Bullet
Silver Stake
Slipper of Cinderella
Snow White
Spiral of Despair
Squirmer of the Dark
Stone Bowl of Buddha
Swordsman of the Full Moon
Tell a Fairy Tale
The Emperor with New Clothes
Tinker Bell, the Spirit
Vampire Bat
Vampire's Staff
Voice of the False God
Wolf-Haunted in Black Forest

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Destroy all minions, Draw 3 cards, etc.

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.